mediterranean hurricane names

The list rotates every 4 years. Some models are forecasting the storm to have sustained winds of at least 125 kph (77 mph) with gusts of 180 kph (112 mph). These names were requested by the hurricane community. (Example: If the last storm last year was Eris, the first storm is Hermes.) Updated 1:46 PM ET, Fri October 25, 2019 . Nikos Miliotis, the Citizen Protection Deputy Governor for the Ionian islands, told Greek media that Kefalonia, Zante and Ithaca are the three islands being hit hard by Ianos right now. Widespread totals of 150-250mm of rain are possible over the next 48 hours, with some local areas seeing up to 500 mm. We get a "medicane." Like the Greek names, they will be used for the 2018 season and future seasons. Best Travel Deals with HUZZ Travel!!! Greek scientists have named the storm “Ianos” and predict it will hit Greece around September 17 or 18 at its current speed. These are the naming list for Mediterranean cyclones. Strong winds for a longer duration will result in more widespread hazards and damage. Warmer sea surface temperatures in the Mediterranean can allow the storms to take on more tropical appearances and characteristics, increasing the wind speeds and making the storms more intense. The names will be used in the 2018 season and future seasons. The 2019 Pacific hurricane season was a near average season which produced nineteen named storms, though most were rather weak and short-lived. October 25, 2019, 2:32 PM. Yahoo News We’ve also run out of traditional storm names, which means we’re headed to Greek alphabet as soon as the weekend. While there are currently fewer named ones spinning in the basin, the ones that are there are major trouble. A rare hurricane-like storm in the Mediterranean threatens Egypt and Israel . Greece slammed by rare 'medicane,' leaving 3 dead, hundreds rescued from flooding The storm system was a hybrid between a tropical cyclone and a mid-latitude storm The Hellenic National Meteorological Service has issued a weather warning, saying strong winds and storms will impact the Ionian islands, the Peloponnese and Central Greece on Friday. Mediterranean hurricane dubbed 'Medicane' to hit Greek islands. Iniki remains the state's deadliest hurricane on record. Kefalonia, Zante, Ithaca and Lefkada were hit hardest as Storm Ianos lashed through the Ionian islands on the way to the Greek mainland. Only seven hurricanes formed, the fewest since 2010.The season officially began on May 15 in the East Pacific Ocean, and on June 1 in the Central Pacific; they ended on November 30. These names are used when a cyclone threatens to make landfall near Greece. Jeff Masters, a hurricane expert who co-founded Weather Underground and blogs frequently about weather phenomenon, said the conditions of the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding countries are very different than those in and around the Gulf Stream. So far, the names Bertha and Craig are retired. These names are used when a cyclone threatens to make landfall on parts of Italy. The two biggest islands of the Mediterranean: Sicily (right) and Sardinia (top left), which are both part of Italy By area. The Greek government has issued urged citizens in the affected areas to stay indoors, avoid basements in case of flooding and to secure objects that could fly away. The use of easily remembered names greatly reduces confusionwhen two or moretropical storms occur at the same time. This type of storm, often called a "medicane" (Mediterranean + hurricane), has features similar to hurricanes and typhoons. Cyclone Numa, a, rare medicane, curls over the Ionian sea with a hurricane-like structure and sustained winds of 101 kilometers (63 miles) per hour, equivalent to tropical storm intensity. Ianos, a rare hurricane-strength Mediterranean storm, slammed into Greece’s western islands, bringing lashing rain and gales. ‘I’m going to clear my name’: Carlos Ghosn seeks truth, justice and freedom in Beirut. A rare Mediterranean hurricane — otherwise known as a "medicane" — has made landfall over Western Greece.The storm, named Ianos, hit Lefkada Island on … It was the costliest, most intense hurricane of the season. Rare Mediterranean storm batters western Greece, Ionian islands ATHENS (Reuters) - A rare storm, known as a Medicane (Mediterranean hurricane), … Ianos was traveling with sustained winds of 100 kph (62 mph) just before landfall, making it the equivalent of a strong tropical storm in the Atlantic. #Ianos is looking pretty impressive this morning as convection continues to wrap around its center. See rare Mediterranean hurricane batter Greek islands. This is certainly one of the more convincing cases for a tropical cyclone in the Meditteranean that we've seen in a while! A medicane has features similar to hurricanes and typhoons. The National Hurricane Center will retire a name when there’s a storm so costly or deadly that using the same name in the future would be inappropriate. Updated 2:19 PM ET, Fri September 18, 2020. ATHENS: A rare storm, known as a Medicane (Mediterranean hurricane), hit western Greece on Friday (Sep 18), flooding streets, uprooting trees and causing power cuts in … Only the List 3 has a name that starts with letter U. There is a risk of severe gales and 250mm of rain in parts of the Mediterranean where the storm has developed. So far there have been no reports of injuries or deaths, but the medicane has caused property damage and some Greek islands have been hit by flooding and power cuts, local media reported. Meteorologist Domenica Davis looks at a potential Medicane forming in the Mediterranean. Unlike the Greek names, they use list by list every year. The following is a list of islands in the Mediterranean Sea. (CNN) A rare Mediterranean hurricane -- otherwise known as a "medicane" -- has made landfall over Western Greece. 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is running out of names, so what happens next? Miliotis said there were power cuts across Ithaca, that trees have fallen and some sailboats have sunk. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mediterranean tropical-like cyclones, often referred to as medicanes (a portmanteau of Mediterranean hurricanes) but sometimes also as Mediterranean cyclones or as Mediterranean hurricanes, are meteorological phenomena observed over the Mediterranean Sea. The current record holder for most active hurricane season is 2005, which had 28 named storms. (Ex: If Elena was the last storm named, then the first storm name next year is Antonio.) Only the List 3 has a name that starts with letter U. Ianos could end up being one of the strongest medicanes on record.

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