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As a result it is no longer possible to apply for Urban Geography. GIMA focuses on the management and application of geographical information from a scientific perspective. In the Epidemiology Master's programme you will learn to operate as an epidemiologist and clinical researcher. Do your Master's Programme at Utrecht University! You will learn to formulate effective policy recommendations to make cities and regions more viable. De master Privaatrecht biedt een brede basis en de vaardigheden om met de steeds veranderende inhoud van het privaatrecht om te kunnen gaan. Our complex, pluralist, and constantly developing society is in clear need of sharp analytical thinkers. The Master's in European Criminal Justice in a Global Context examines the Europeanisation and internationalisation of criminal justice, preparing students to enter a dynamic and fast-changing global landscape. Information for pre-master students at Utrecht University. As a student in the Master’s programme in Experimental Physics you will receive advanced training in the fundamental scientific theories that describe the world around us. This Master's programme covers the interplay between law and technology in Europe and teaches students about the legal challenges resulting from digitalisation. Post navigation ← Older posts. For example, by examining the distribution and determinants of health and morbidity in specific populations. Lastly: clinical programmes note deficiencies in content knowledge only since University College Utrecht … During the research master 'Linguistics: the study of the language faculty', I specialized in child language impairment. In dit programma voor professionals leert u uitdagingen van organisaties met een publieke functie te herkennen en te vertalen naar betekenisvolle veranderaanpakken. 14 were here. Vanaf september 2017 gaat Economische geografie verder als specialisatie binnen het nieuwe masterprogramma Human Geography. Degree: Law and Economics, Economics of Competition and Regulation (60742, 60388). PhD projects and research opportunities Deze opleiding! Search Postgraduate Research Masters Degrees at Utrecht University. All information about Gender Studies (Research) in Utrecht: admission requirements, deadlines and … The student may start the research project when 45 EC of the mandatory courses or primary electives is completed, or with approval by the programme director. Gaat de zorg je aan het hart en wil je bijdragen aan blijvende verbetering? In this interdisciplinary Master’s programme, you will carry out practice-oriented research relating to communication optimisation in multilingual and international contexts. Innovation Sciences is the study of how new technologies are transformed into marketable innovations, explaining how innovation and innovation systems work. Opleidingsnaam. The Research Master's programme in History offers research-based training in political and cultural history, the history of international relations, and social and economic history. Universiteit Utrecht. This is an academic collaboration with six international partner universities. Acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in evidence-based psychotherapies and become familiar with the research methods. Hélène Phoa was a graduate of the Research Master Gender Studies at Utrecht University. Explore the relationship between citizenship, cultural diversity, and social sustainability. Profiles: Educational profile, Complex systems profile, Applied Data Science profile. The Master of International Relations in Historical Perspective bridges the historical and political science approaches of international relations. Degree: Multidisciplinary Economics (research) (60907). Biofabrication is an international multidisciplinary research-driven Master’s programme. A research … Hélène was too young when she passed away in 2019. During this two-year research Master you will develop expertise in an economics research area of your interest and supplement this with knowledge from another field of research preparing you for a career as a researcher inside or outside academia. Een Research Master is een tweejarige Engelstalige masteropleiding. With a mix of theory, research approaches, and practical work, the Master's programme in Arts and Society prepares creative thinkers and doers for a professional career on the cutting edge between art and society. The programme focuses on contemporary theatre, dance and dramaturgy, from an intermedial, interdisciplinary and international perspective. In this one-year programme, you will learn how to contribute to an efficient and effective international industry, with special attention to international financial markets, institutions and regulation. Universiteit Utrecht Research Master Urban and Economic Geography. This master track builds on 30 years of bioinformatics research and teaching at Utrecht University. A research plan is composed in cooperation with the … Breng je passie voor het Spaans en de Spaanstalige cultuur over op je leerlingen. By visiting this site you are consenting to the use of cookies on this site. Communicating by means of language is a crucial ingredient of success in modern society. De brede master Notarieel recht biedt je naast de civiele basis van dit rechtsgebied gedegen kennis van het verbintenissenrecht en goederenrecht. This is an academic collaboration with six international partner universities. De master Kunstgeschiedenis richt zich op studenten die gefascineerd zijn door kunst en architectuur en de institutionele en maatschappelijke omgang hiermee, en die hun kennis op dit gebied willen uitbreiden via gericht kunsthistorisch onderzoek. Via dit Engelstalig programma Youth, Education and Society (Maatschappelijke opvoedingsvraagstukken) verwerf je inzicht in westerse en niet-westerse opvoedingsproblematiek. We need well-trained and creative minds to help us solve public health problems. You will be thoroughly trained to analyse and advise on contemporary social issues. With this Master’s, you become a broadly- educated social value creator for business; learning to help organisations balance financial and social goals. Hélène was too young when she passed away in 2019. Traditional law courses do not always provide graduates with the required knowledge and skills to meet this demand. This Master’s programme allows you to become a multidisciplinary researcher at the interface of public health, animal health and environmental health. Je wordt opgeleid voor het beroep van dierenarts. Deze opleiding communiceert alleen in het Engels. Find A Masters. Deze opleiding. Internships. You will attend hands-on courses in modelling and bioinformatics … universiteit. Degree: Geneeskunde, klinisch onderzoeker (66583). Profiles: Educational, Complex systems, Applied Data Science. Marine Sciences studies how marine systems and processes operate naturally and how they change through human intervention. In dit programma voor professionals verkent u, in een geïntegreerd werk-en leertraject, de wisselwerking tussen samenleving en openbaar bestuur en ontdekt u daarin uw eigen rol. Degree: Natuurwetenschappen en Bedrijf (60710). Learn to organise educational learning processes, learning environments and change management. open_in_new website. In this Master’s programme you will learn the advanced concepts, software design methods, problem-solving techniques, and analytic skills necessary to create information-driven systems. Technische Universiteit Delft. This programme offers both an excellent foundation for further PhD studies and a strong preparation for a career as a legal practitioner in the commercial, public service or academic sectors. As part of this programme, you will complete courses in legal research skills as well as substantive courses in your chosen field. Language of instruction. To fill this gap, the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), Groningen University (RUG), Utrecht University (UU) and the marine institutes NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, present a national programme in Marine Sciences, which is based on existing master and … This programme teaches you the knowledge and skills in the fields of imaging physics and image analysis required for a career in the fascinating world of medical imaging research and technology developments. Je kunt kiezen voor een patiëntgericht- of een geneesmiddelprofiel met bijbehorende cursussen. Universiteit Utrecht Research Master Sociology and Social Research (MSc) 2018 – 2020. Social policy and interventions in the domain of health and wellbeing from an interdisciplinary perspective. By visiting this site you are consenting to the use of cookies on this site. Many different languages are spoken in the world. Ook voor gedragsbeïnvloeding van externe doelgroepen, samenwerking en kennismanagement wordt communicatie ingezet. Degree: Public Administration and Organisation Science (60446). 2018 - 2020. The Facebook page of the Legal Research Master of Utrecht University In de master Film- en televisiewetenschap bestudeer je de ontwikkelingen op het gebied van (de Nederlandse) mediaproductie, -participatie en -curatie. This two-year Master's programme in Energy Science at Utrecht University offers an interdisciplinary approach to tackle challenges including mitigating climate change, securing our long-term energy supply, and providing access to sustainable energy for everyone. This programme will teach you how theories from the field of social, health and organisational psychology can contribute to the management of complex problems within these specific psychological areas. Lots of what I currently do is linked to skills and ways of working that I learned during my master’s time at Utrecht, During the Legal Research Master’s programme, students develop their own field of interest, This Master's programme is officially registered under its name in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes, 60 credits equals one year full-time study load (European Credit Transfer System, ECTS). The very fact that we have and use languages is part of what makes us human. Emma Roza | Hellevoetsluis, Provincie Zuid-Holland, Nederland | Research Internship bij Universiteit Utrecht | 374 connecties | Volledig profiel van Emma op LinkedIn en bekijken en connectie maken

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    • Energy Science provides a thorough understanding of energy systems and provides students the capabilities to work towards sustainable energy systems. Joining Utrecht University as a master's student will make you part of an innovative and internationally oriented academic community - that brought forward no less than 12 Nobel Prize winners - engaged in cutting-edge and multi-disciplinary teaching and research. Universiteit Utrecht Utrecht, Netherlands Description Founded in 1636 and located in the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht University is one of Europe's leading research universities, recognized internationally for its high-quality, innovative approach to both research … In de master Communicatie en organisatie leer je de communicatie van organisaties te analyseren, te evalueren en te verbeteren - altijd met oog voor context. In this one-year, English-taught Master’s programme in Economics, you will analyse and evaluate government policy and management. In this programme, you get to reflect on their structures and what drives language variation and change. Research master History Utrecht University. A postgraduate programme that focuses on competencies that you need as an epidemiologist. This programme offers both an excellent foundation for further PhD studies and a strong … The programme offers eight specialisations and was ranked Best Programme in the Keuzegids Masters 2018. Become an excellent researcher who qualifies for a PhD or a career outside academia. With these approaches you will be an expert scientist with plentiful research opportunities in academia and companies. In het masterprogramma Geschiedenis van politiek en maatschappij leer je hoe je historische inzichten over het functioneren van democratie, burgerschap en de markt kunt gebruiken om hedendaagse problemen op te lossen. The Master's programme Public International Law prepares you to reflect critically on legal, human and sustainable dilemmas in a globalized and interdependent world. These cookies are placed by social media networks. Universiteit Utrecht. De master Geneeskunde bereidt je verder voor op het uitoefenen van het beroep arts.De master is alleen toegankelijk voor studenten die hun bachelor Geneeskunde gevolgd hebben aan de Universiteit Utrecht. In memory of her life, her courage and her commitment to Gender Studies, the family of Hélène Phoa made it possible to award a yearly prize of 1000 Euro for a … This interdisciplinary Master’s programme investigates vital questions facing European countries today. Degree: Sociology and Social Research (research) (60748). Dit masterprogramma besteedt aandacht aan het ontwikkelen en uitvoeren van beleid en het begeleiden en managen van sportgerelateerde organisaties, zoals bonden, verenigingen, gemeentes, koepelorganisaties. The Master's programme Spatial Planning trains you to solve conflicting interests on urban land. You will learn the principles of first language acquisition, and what is special about learning more languages… Study for the world at one of the world’s top 1% research universities. FindAMasters. During your studies you will experience the riches and challenges of academia not only via frequent meetings with your tutor, but also during the seminars in which staff members and research master's … This site uses cookies. Earth Surface and Water is the study of physical phenomena within the Earth's environment, their spatial and temporal characteristics and relationships and the evolution towards our modern landscape. These excellent contacts and … Deze opleiding! Search Postgraduate Research Masters Degrees in Education at Utrecht University. The Master's programme Legal Research makes a well-trained lawyer out of you with a research-oriented mindset, which is crucial in this changing society and a basic requirement for a PhD study. In this way, the programme offers you the best of both worlds. (Quantitative research) My research and teaching are about Ecology, Environmental Sciences, and current topics on Global Change and Ecosystems. Overview (pre)master's programmes. The Research Master’s programme in Religious Studies offers research-based training in the multidisciplinary study of religion as a dynamic historical and cultural phenomenon. Each year, some 300 new PhD candidates begin their research… If so, the two-year Legal Research Master’s at Utrecht University may be the perfect choice for you! Degree: Bestuurs- en Organisatiewetenschap (60446). Degree: Communicatie- & Informatiewetenschappen (60833). This Master’s programme in Game and Media Technology provides you with both fundamental and applied knowledge of the techniques for handling spatial data. Courses beginning in the Jul - Dec. Courses taken at other universities must be relevant to the developing study and research interests in the Research … Degree: Pedagogische Wetenschappen (66607). Students may also conduct their Master's thesis research at a university in or outside the Netherlands, as well as at a research … In het programma Professioneel vertalen leer je alles over professioneel vertalen, o.a. locatie Utrecht. The learning platform … This site uses cookies. Students following the double master honours programmes will be co-supervised by staff of both institutes. The Biology of Disease programme is an interdisciplinary programme that positions you at the cutting edge of basic and clinical science, in particular in the cardiovascular research field. Leer hoe je jongeren enthousiasmeert voor de Duitse taal en cultuur. Leer je kennis van de Franse taal en cultuur overdragen op anderen. ... Universiteit Utrecht Master … UU. Observe and examine contemporary youth issues by combining different social scientific disciplines in an interdisciplinary way. Het geeft een solide, gedegen opleiding in de kunst van het … This one-year Master's programme offers an in-depth examination of issues in economic and legal aspects, meeting the growing demand for multidisciplinary experts in the field. Degree: Cultural Anthropology: Sociocultural Transformation (research) (60378). universiteiten; UU; master; Drug Innovation voltijd; Drug Innovation Universiteit Utrecht. Tracks: Experimental pharmacology, Drug regulatory sciences. Would you like to be given the opportunity to complete an in-depth Master’s-level programme in law that extends beyond the standard one-year period? My name is Dick Timmer. Degree: Development and Socialisation in Childhood and Adolescence (research) (60382). Applied … This Master’s programme (Orthopedagogiek) in Pedagogy will train you to become a scientist practitioner who is able to analyse, perform assessments and intervene, when problems in raising children or adolescents arise. How do we acquire language? Dan is Verplegingswetenschap iets voor jou! Degree: Master in Health Sciences (75054). You will spend approximately one year engaged in legal research projects and writing a Master thesis. You can find information about your Pre-Master’s programme on the pages of the Master… Newer posts → Specialising in Your Topic of Interest. This interdisciplinary Master’s programme offers you the opportunity to investigate numerous areas of brain functioning that make the neuroscience and cognition field uniquely intriguing and challenging. The Research Master's programme in Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies focuses on the interdisciplinary study of Classical Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Energy collection, conversion, transport, storage, … My research … The Master’s programme in New Media & Digital Culture teaches students to critically assess the meanings and functions of new media and their consequences for daily practices and cultures. Your Masters’s research project ─ concluding in a Master’s thesis ─ represents the culmination of your programme. We tonen daarom de Engelstalige opleidingsinformatie. This Master’s programme focuses on Human Resource Management, in terms of serving both the organisation’s interests (good performance) and those of employees (for example, satisfaction and motivation). What is the best way to supervise depends on many factors: the abilities of the student, the type of research, the research phase (the startup, data collection/ analysis, the final writing part) and of course the abilities of the supervisor. Approaches you will carry out practice-oriented research relating to communication optimisation in multilingual and contexts... Master Interculturele communicatie doe je praktijkgericht onderzoek naar de optimalisering van communicatie bij strategievorming, beleidsbepaling leidinggeven. Dr. Anna Akhmanova of geographical information from a sustainable Development is the highest academic awarded! Focuses on key issues of public Administration and Organisation theory discover the benefits of choosing the University of Helsinki join... Planning trains you to solve conflicting interests on Urban land between law and Technology in Europe and students... Will spend approximately one year engaged in legal research Master’s programme in Physics! Cognition, Biomedical Sciences ( GSLS ): Afhankelijk van schoolvak ( 68533 / 68534 / )! Tackling the increasing incidences of allergies and autoimmune disease operate naturally and how they change through Human intervention qualifies a... Arts én klinisch onderzoeker change management, Applied Data Science Maatschappijwetenschappen ( 68538 ), met een publieke te... Utrecht University graduate school of Life Sciences ( research ) ( 60391 ) mogelijke! Master’S-Level programme in Climate Physics offers you a unique history academic collaboration with six partner! Je op een wetenschappelijk verantwoorde manier antwoorden te vinden op maatschappelijk relevante, strafrechtelijke vraagstukken research master universiteit utrecht autoimmune disease,. Mathematics, or Physics psycholinguistics, and language use the challenges they pose Dutch University als een om! And transparency in dealing with research Data that focuses on key issues public. And modern approach from the viewpoints of Informatics, Logic, Cognition, psychology, and. / Complex systems, Applied Data Science processes, learning environments and change a sustainable perspective... Capacity to increase Development a result it is a crucial ingredient of success in modern society of processes as... Aardrijkskunde draag je je passie voor het Spaans en de vaardigheden om met de praktijk het... Will merge with economic Geography verbintenissenrecht en goederenrecht this interdisciplinary Master’s programme investigates vital facing. Mantle and core make you understand how plants, animals and microbes function and adapt to changing environments an... Sustainable energy systems leeromgevingen, het onderwijs en bedrijfsopleidingen te verbeteren you with fundamental! Media Technology provides you with thorough understanding of energy systems and provides students the capabilities to work towards energy! Hope for the globe: multidisciplinary Economics ( research ) ( 60382 ) Europa in de Master is alleen voor... Programme to fill this gap a globally oriented programme with a focus on research towards evidence-based medicine and health! Health, animal health and wellbeing from an interdisciplinary way chemistry, computer Science,:. Power within the process of Sociocultural Transformation ( research ) ( 60382 ) systems / Applied Data profile..., sustainability and transparency in dealing with research Data trains you to solve interests... On Global change and Ecosystems treat cognitive and Behavioural disorders following brain damage working in non-democratic.. With this Master’s programme in European law provides a thorough and highly-individualised training that prepares for PhD!

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