does home depot sell dutch boy paint

99.9 percent of the time it is preparation and knowledge. Up until July 1971 you could walk into any paint store in the country and walk out with a good bucket of paint. We can confirm that right now Ralph Lauren does not make a self-priming paint. Cooking grease makes kitchens tricky. also most tints contain VOC… so that can of 0 VOC you just purchased at a big box store… was 0 VOC, until you made it a color… colorants contain a large bulk of VOC… However there are some brands out there that use different methods all together… BM has a new colorant system called gennex… which is a 0 voc colorant… so the products are no or low voc… and they stay that way… Benjamin Moore’s system also revolves around chemistry that I don’t at all understand, allowing these products to be extremely effective… I have used just about every line of paint in the Gennex platform and can honestly say they are terrific… they act like paint, cover as a BM paint is expected… and maintain their durability… Without the odor associated with painting…. Definitely use good lighting. which lasts the longest? Application of material is only one of many steps required to put a good looking and durable finish on a surface. The Behr covered in 2 coats and has survived very well with the moisture and washing. in thickness in order to insure longevity and meet manufacture warranty will exceed the cost for a professional to apply. It still looks great. Porter is far superior to anything I have purchased from Lowes, HD, Sherwin Williams, or Walmart I have tried them all (NEVER use contractor grade – it is the cheapest and always requires extra coats). very aggravating to spend so much time to complete a big painting project and not be satisfied with the results. We mostly sold it to hospitals and nursing homes but it never was that popular and so was discontinued in the early 2000,s. Brushed paint … When I called Valspar customer service I reached an outrageously rude rep. who made matters waaay worse. and proven test the ultra lines of paint and the more premium paints have stain blocking, scrub resitance as well as better hide compared to standard paint. I’ve been a professional painter since 1985. Lest see what happens!!!! Hey ROB, I painted my office with Fresh Air low voc paint and I didn’t have any issues, it looks great and has for the past three years, I didn’t get high off fumes, and now I don’t have to worry about reproductive harm to my unborn child. Get real. If you use a tinted primer than it will make your life a whole lot easier and the Behr will cover in one coat, i know from experience. My items no longer stick, the doors no longer stick. What about long term quality. I have an 18×12 painted wood deck. Btw… with good lighting one coat is all you need. Match My Paint Color is a tool to match paint colors between the major paint manufacturers: PPG, Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, Benjamin Moore and Farrow & Ball. Soft Gray Furniture, Cabinets, Countertops and More Multi-Surface All-in-One Interior/Exterior Refinishing Paint I would have done this comparison in products a little more extensive with alot more then one or two products. i might try some day. Behr per gallon = $33, Primer = $11, I am moving to 1 coat primer, 1 coat Behr Premium. Wash the walls? A friend recently recommended Benjamin Moore, but they are so expensive. I applied 1 coat of kilz primer to all walls in my house (to seal the new drywall which has an orange peel texture). I think I will apply with a brush and roller, although I may be able to spray the doors outside. Painted this weekend and it looks horrible. That was in 1998 and at the time our Spred 2000 retailed at $20 per gal. You will also want to use good quality roller covers and brushes. Well make sure fist of all that it is a scrubable paint. Signature paint and after two weeks the room still smells like paint. My opinion is there is too much water in these paints, and it also sucks it up into the walls. Any bump or touch of the walls were noticeable. Pictures were taken with consistent lighting immediately after application and after allowing the paint to dry. Any suggestions on how to best go about my project in the most efficient way? Killz might be required on some hides. Surely it can’t be THAT difficult to just paint a room white can it?? RALPH LAUREN PAINT IS A PAIN IN THE A$$! They are little more than your cheap Behr and Valspar, but the time in labor you save and the durability of the products out weight the cheap crap in a can. My first and favorite will always be Benjamin Moore. The only issue I ever had with Behr was the primer. Recommended Uses: Use on … It drips badly. It’s the lousy part of the job that everyone seems to want to avoid. Recently, I helped my mom paint her new house. It is a smallish kitchen and there is NOT an OUTSIDE VENTED Range Hood which most folks know WILL add the GREASE complication to anyone’s experience. Terrible experience. Aura sets up very fast and could cause a problem for inexperienced painters. I do want to give a shout out about the new Behr paint that has the primer in it! I usually end up Behr, Valspar and recently Olympic (hated it–bugged by weird tiny bubbles in it while I painted) for most of the house. The “real” painters I know like “Benny” Moore and Porter, but I would hate to spend quite a bit more for the same DIY results. never again will i use Lowes Sherman Williams. Paint a room with each. Colors that just didn’t look as pretty on the wall and felt hollow with bad tints. it is thin, gloppy, and makes a mess. I just sprayed my kitchen cabinet doors and it got to 95 degrees in our shop. But I feel better about not having “wasted” paint and being thorough. A little pricey but they do make a good paint. EXT. Skimming through the responses, I did not see anyone comment on Kilz paint. i’m just irritated i’ve spent so much time and effort into something that will have to be redone at some point, and whatever goes over the bad paint, will it ever be right? I am in the midst of repainting my fireplace and chose Valspar. It was really great not to have to repaint an entire wall when I hadn’t gotten it all the first time around. Semi-gloss white is very durable and levels great.. perfect for trim work!! to try on your wall. I stripped wallpaper from my bathroom, washed walls, sanded walls, primed walls, and finished with two coats of Benjamin Moore paint in a low gloss finish. We spent $160 on 4 gallons of Valspar paint, being that it was a Minnesota brand and we wanted to support that. It won’t damage your wall and your wall won’t leave marks either. Hope this helps. We will be using a tinted primer and either Behr or Sherwin Williams paint. i want something vibrant but not too distracting. So, lesson here is to read ALL the directions. Maybe next time? We did not include them in our updated test for the simple reason that the closest store is located about an hour away. It could be the paint just can’t get a good hold of the finish. I plan on trying Benjamin Moore for my next project. Over the same color yes. I have heard nothing but good things about Benjamin More and the local interior design show “city line” always uses it. They also run a lot of specials with $5 rebates per can. I will always use Sherwin Williams now. The colors are beautiful and rich looking. To a man, they hate Behr’s paint. I was not a happy camper. I LOVE Behr. For more complete information about disposal your old paint, check out the link above. Glidden is more of a contractors paint or for someone who is re-painting white over white. This paint is available in 386 exclusive, designer hues or choose from over 2000 standard Behr colors. What you want to do is use a gray primer, because gray is the only color that absorbs light and not reflect so in return is easier to cover. They are extremely easy to apply and don’t drip like other paints (Behr…). Do you agree with the pros and cons? I used it on the trim and the walls, and it came out beautiful (did take an awful long time to dry) . Behr is not compared to Glidden, SW, BM and Porter s best paints. We need to TSP and original kilz the whole place, It’s light pink and dirty. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with the brands mentioned. I am painting my kitchen cabinets. But none do this in a color change. Valspar is easily accessible to me, as opposed to most other eco-friendly paints, so I’d like to stick with that. and wash. Now, Sherwin Williams, on the other hand: thin and overpriced. I’d used Behr for years and love it, but was won over by Sherwin Williams Duration line of interior latex paints. Dutch Boy Maxbond Exterior Paint + Primer with Extreme-Adhesion Technology provides beautiful protection with less effort. I learned my paint lessons early on. Then I went over the entire cabinet again with Minwax Polycrylic protective sealer. Don’t always believe what you read in Consumer Reports. hey everybody Please notify me of followup comments via email, I forgot to click that box before submitting my comment just now. We stopped our paint interior trim project after 2 doors. let me start by appreciating everyone that make a an african and painting is my proffesion here in Nigeria.we all kinds of paints here but the one making waves here is BM.and lately SW.i have used BM and i want to agree with one my friend that said preparation is the most important.good preparation,good job. Ralph Lauren? The walls were primed correctly – so that’s no it. I started to paint ceiling with an older can of Utra White, had used this for years, ran out so purchased 2 cans of Valspar’s new paint + primer and was told it was exactly the same as what I had been using. I used it about 10 years ago. This is simply a user error. i went with the hg tv paint which was still expensive $35 a can. Reds are notorious for being difficult to finally get to the actual color that matches the color sample. I feel like the RALP LAUREN PAINT is just a name with crap in a can. A few years ago THD and the Behr salesmen were showing Behr had the brightest whites. I was looking for a durable paint and realized one of the reasons my paints fail is what I use to scrub the walls with. I’m a firm believer that priming (get it tainted if possible) and painting should be a two step process. I always tape everything first, then cut in with a brush about 6-10′ of wall, then go over that with a small brush (knocks down the brush marks and puts a second layer of paint on it), then roll like usual. I ‘was’ thrilled. It seems to show more on the semigloss textured wall than it does on the flat. Let’s see how they stack up! Also most people dont realize that the ultra lines of paint have mildew resistance in every sheen unlike the regular cheaper option. If I wash my walls down with a damp towel, I can remove the runs, but they immediately reappear after showers (with very powerful exhaust fan running). A gallon of paint generally costs around $30-$50. I am testing using the ‘sample’ containers, but am curious to see how it compares to Behr, which I had used many years ago on the fireplace. Information. This being said, means that LOCAL experts are your best bet for answers. it took me three coats for complete coverage. Grease penetrates paint and adheres to drywall, so she isn’t wrong when she says the grease remained. I did everything Lowe’s told me to do (color primer and the works) and it did a terrible job. Need to know where you are planning to put the paint so you buy the right kind. The products are now nothing more then relabeled SW products that suffer greatly in quality. If painting dark color over light, do invest in the proper primer–it makes all the difference. NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE. If you having problems with coverage on the Behr it is more than likely because you did not use a tinted primer. I really hopes something hear helps. This acrylic latex paint has the added benefit of having low volatile organic compounds (VOC). There are even some paints that are made for places like the bath room; that means they will withstamd constant moisture. The product advice at a pro store is also much better than what you will get from a part timer who knows nothing about painting at the hardware store. I received my 4 rebates in one check very promptly. If you can see the wood grain or store name on the stick when you stir, get ready to be disappointed. I painted our daughter’s room with Valspar from Lowe’s. It blistered and reblistered and despite trying hard (of course) to NOT have Roller Marks….Yep, gee, I was NOT satisfied on that end of it either. Either a latex or oil-based paint? If you peel the tape off shortly after painting you won’t have this issue. We get our home in July and then the work really begins. The exterior paint was put on over an elastomeric primer, and the paint has lasted 7 years in the hot FL sun and hurricanes. Off-gassing should be a major concern for everyone. I want to paint my already white living room an Antique White. My kitchen opens up into my living room and dining area; it’s almost like a studio space. this blog is fake or just isnt governed. Duron is no longer since Sherwin Williams bought the company in 05. Now that I have to paint the ceiling of a huge living/dining room, I want to know a paint that has a non-greying look to it. a new product 75-11 lower the quality, less TiO2, more calcium carbonate and raise the price. What’s your experience been? I used Behr exterior last year to paint a previously redwood-stained picnic table. My walls look terrible. What about my time. It is suppose to be matte finish but looks like eggshell to me. 6. The finish always looked terrible, and in some cases I had to add coat over coat to complete. Please let me know if you try out Ralph Lauren and what your results were. No my opinion is all the mainstream brands are great, and basically the same, it is just the experience you may have had with the paint itself. By the way, in full strength, it makes an excellent brush cleaner! Not being honest with customers comes back to sting you or doesn’it come back at all. What would you say the qualities deeply esteemed by the people of those time? The lighter color again covered evenly in 2 coats. Oh, another tip: Glad Press & Seal plastic wrap is great to wrap your roller or paintbrush in if you want to take a break for lunch! Why do people get so offensive to things that are GOOD. It gives the effect of a old haunted home where demons love the colors! Be sure to use clear water with a clean rag to rinse (might need to rinse twice). 24 hours later, I began with the second coat (which was still needed even with the Primer included in this particular Valspar paint). So what you end up with is a hip, trendy, feel good feeling followed by buyer’s remorse and an empty wallet. 5 Rodda Paint Thanks for sharing your experience with Valspar. The coverage is extremely uneven, it takes at least 3 coats to get uniformity, and the color fades VERY quickly. Try simple green to remove grease (lightly though). 2. Valspar is by far the worst ceiling paint I ever used. Well worth the cost. Check out consumer reports! I contacted Valspar but the response was that it must be me because no one else complained. The comment about OCW covering with a brush but not with a roller cover……………………….? If it is thick, then after 10 min. You are simply overloading your brush and not loading your roller enough or not using the correct size nap for your application. I think we all could ge a lttle mor educated in the world of paint before we start proclaiming that products are “not worth the money”. A week later and the paint was still slightly sticky. It’s over priced, sags, doesn’t cover and never fully cure. According to HomeAdvisor, the cost to hire … Big mistake for me. I’ve painted kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and furniture with Ralph Lauren and have been more than satisfied. The older stuff was thick and covered in 1 coat. What four features of bacteria that enable them to survive in a wide variety of habitats? One gallon just sucked into the primed walls. It is a lie. Well I can’t find Charlie’s response (that I read in my email) about using a gray primer before using a deep color paint on your walls so I’ll just thank him here. They felt very tacky to the touch. There are certain colors, such as reds and greens that may be a little transparent, and multiple coats will be necessary. I ended up redoing the doors, by resanding, using TSP again, and priming. So the best thing to do is to put one coat of mid to dark gray primer, and two coats of finish and you should be fine. ?I got ceiling fans,fans on and door open so you tell me what is the deal??? It’s AWESOME!!!! Has anyone experience this problem going over old Duron oil painted doors? In that effort we setup a sheet of drywall and painted a deep red checkerboard pattern. We applied Ralph Lauren dark brown paint to our dining room over a very light peach color – full coverage in one coat (it was amazing). But, he would give me a refund any way. Bottom line is you really do get what you pay for. For Pat on 2/18/2012 about the water runs on your wall– I’ve used baking soda and water mixture for hairspray and water runs. and when it comes to price if you are choosing a seperate primer and standard paint you are paying more for less qualtiy aswell as doing 3 coats as opposed to 2 with the premuims. After two attempts, the painters switched to Benjamin Moore and got much superior results. I have that paint throughout my house and I wouldn’t change it out for anything! It also coated in just one take, and it was a cappiccino brown. ... Home Depot’s in-house paint. None of our test samples proved to be one-coat-wonders, but we didn’t expect any of them to completely conceal the dark red paint. Win-win. I’ve been painting for 40 years and have never seen paint go on with different coverage, texture and color every time I make a pass with the roller! before you begin painting a kitchen…possible issues with smoke and grease so Scrub the walls down with T.S.P.or a good household cleaner, add a oil base primer…..which will not allow smoke or grease to pass thru into the paint top coat then apply your desired paint. I used to think Behr was great….until I tried something else….then I soon realized that Behr really is just an average paint. I’ll keep using what works well and does a fantastic job. You should still run your exhaust fan while in the shower. The paint was sprayed, so it is not possible to say how much was used, but it covered the cabinets adequately. that be said, it seems like almost everyone has something they really like, or really *don’t* like, I spend more time fixing paint application issues for those who watch a remodeling show on TV, and think they can paint like the professionals can……not ! Is this true of Valspar? One thing I do, is keep a file at home … For the vanilla, make sure it’s the real deal, not imitation extract. Is there an oil based interior paint>. I was rushing to complete the painting before the contractor arrived to put in molding so we were hurrying around the room and timing carefully not to coat before an hour had passed. Good luck. I will not use Valspar ever again and Lowe’s told me it was enamel paint and I can’t find that written on the can. There are a lot of paints you can’t was for differing reasons. I would like to say that most of these paints that are getting negative or positive reviews are very good paints. Thank you so much for testing out different paint brands despite how people have their own opinions about which are the best. No VOC paints have been around for over 20 years. don’t bother with valspar paint. The test also left out factors; interior or exterior, long-time durability, natural / fluorescent / LED/ incandescent lighting? When I panted an office Copper Mine (accented by shakepeare tan) the result was gorgeous. Price will be the same or even lower as the hardware store and the paint will be better. I’ve had no problem matching other colors to the swatch this way. I find it tears off the walls when removing tape if a piece of furniture is placed against the wall– even months after the paint has dried. I know I’ve mentioned a good experience before with the Valspar paints, but I do have a couple of things to add…We used the Valspar primer over deep, deep red walls. What about using an exterior grade paint? Wal-Mart doesn't make paint, they buy it and sell it under there name, who makes it for them would be interesting to know but you can bet it's one of the major paint Mfg's, Home Depot sell Behr paint as there brand and they are paint Mfg's, to compete with the Major brands, Dutch Boy… All the drawers pulled the paint off the dresser where they made contact with the paint. Don’t even bother painting in extreme heat. I’ve used Valspar in the past because it’s convenient and cheap and I’ve been perfectly happy, but this time I chose 2 colors that were only available in their signature line which includes built in primer. If you want “Real Paint” buy Benjamin Moore. The primer will be applied today and left overnight to dry.Im planning on doing the cabinets with a Purdey brush and small roller set that were recommended to me at Lowes.I have a friend who is going to spray the cabinet doors for me . These sound more like Painter errors than bad paint. In fact it had a recall on it because of the fact that, the color has a developer in it. I have applied 2 coats of Valspar with the pink tint, note this is ceiling paint and the pink tint disappears after drying. It is a category of measurement. No spattering, no roller or brush marks, no smell. We hired a painter recently who swears by Duron paint, and as you saw, I don’t think its all that great (especially for the price). For the people that have new paint not staying on the walls, this should not happen with any paint, you just did not take the time to clean and prep properly. The paint didn’t cover and had to do two and three coats of paint to cover very light colors. It is very frustrating to paint when the paint won’t stay where you are painting it. i only upgraded the one color because the other wasn’t bubbling as much. Getting ready to repaint with duron and try that. It could have been due to improper preparation of the substrate, failing to give the new paint the required curing time, incompatibilities between the substrate and finish coat, and numerous other things. But I cannot justify the price. When presenting the competitor color to the paint desk, if they can't find it by name, have them try the number (with and without any hyphens). My walls have what appears to be runs all the way down them after showers. Do you know how many times I have had a customer complain about the paint and found out that they tried to paint over semi-gloss without preparation? The acrid stink in the room a full six months after I put the final coat on. it may be opposite your painters choice, as it will last longer……. And who knows, maybe you saved an otter somewhere. I have a husband, 2 greyhounds, and am a neat-nick, so beauty and durability was a must. Regarding the comments I read about various types of paint, they all reflect the dream that non-painters have; cheap paint that covers in one coat. And I recommend Valspar over Behr. I know everyone looks to Consumer Reports for their high rating of Behr paint, but have you actually gone and looked at the reviews on Behr paint posted on CR, 80% of them are negative towards Behr paint and still it is top ated by CR. So, Home Depot will soon offer 8 oz samples (for free or low cost) so you can try out the paint first before buying the full can??? I am impressed by the thickness of the paint (I am not the neatest of painters) and the coverage seems good on the previously painted brick. I was told by a pro that many times he will tint the primer gray to help with these problem colors. EXCELLENT results. I also painted my dining room a deep red wine color, and with the tinted primer, it took no time. bear in mind that if you keep the name of the paint, and the line it came from, the paint desk at Home Depot can find it in their computers, years after it was discontinued. Avoid at all costs unless you like being ripped off, insulted, frustrated and working harder than you should have to. (Google Valspar paint odor, it won’t take you long to find quite a few people who’ve had the same experience I’ve had). You can find Behr and Glidden paint samples from Home Depot in-store or online in 8-ounce sizes. Acrylic paint is a chemically composed, fast-drying option that becomes water-resistant when dry. The thickness of paints has little to do with its coverage, durability and ability to hide. Anything they touch is a disaster. Thanks for any suggestions! . I work at Home Depot in the Paint department from my experience. All of the paint required 2 coats and 2 weeks after painting the walls looked dirty as if the paint job was 2 years old. The label claims Very Low Odor and can coat in 1 hour. Also, the paint did not stick in some places, randomly, through the room and I had to go back over it. I’ve tried all the brands listed in these posts in my previous home, and have had the best results with Benjamin Moore – both interior and exterior. I use the flat or semi on my walls. That’s good to know Marismom96. Their ceiling paint was even worse, it should not take three coats to cover over white on white. Although I couldn’t figure out what I might have done to make the Behr peel off of new primed moldings. The Behr propaganda machine didn’t have enough faith in their product to compare it to a competitors premium paint. According to the can, there should have been enough paint in each can to do one room, and have some left over. It may cost more , but beleive me it’s certainly worth it ! You do get what you pay with most brands, for and even with the higher end product mileage may vary because everyone’s project, surface, preparation, application methods, time betwen applications, and so on will be different. I’m new at painting. I’d also like to keep costs as low as possible, like everyone else in the world. Finish; gloss same performance as flat? No other brand could have done that! They are very happy to do this, because they are the people who have to explain to you what you did wrong when it doesn’t come out right. The color has never come off. We have used Behrin the past and never had problems. We have used it with tape for stripes and removing the paint tears off the paint. It is still tacky after 7 months. You will also want to purchase your paint from a professional paint store. While the color was perfect when I finished, I have been hesitant to use it ever since. I would never use or recommend Valspar to anyone. THE PAINT PEELS REAL EASY (ITS SOFT LIKE NOT HARD).I USED VALSPAR LATEX ENAMEL INT. My worst paint is definitely the Valspar.. it did not do what I thought it would at all! I went over them with the Minwax and it solved that problem too. Sherwin Williams stores can be found nationwide. Hi Amalie, I would not let you near my house with most of that garbage. If you are doing it yourself use Behr and get the results consumer reports gets year after year with their number one rated Behr paint. It seems that everyone has their own opinion on the best paint, and brand loyalties run deep. Then, after reading so many professional painter’s blogs about how much better all other paints were, I decided to go for a different paint brand on my bedroom walls. Big waste of time and money. Color Ready pre-mixed paint … I will post pix next time – just didn’t get my act together fast enough. is allergic to latex paint and cannot sleep in the room until the paint dries It took three coats and three gallons to cover over virtually identical color walls. on the recommendation of the salesman, a guy I was friends with in high school and who has been working in paint for 8 or 10 years now. I tried to have my final strokes by vertical so to minimize roller marks, I can’t get the paint to stay on the walls. After reading all these comments , I’ve decided to stick with Benjamin Moore . I had him to check to make sure it was latex and he agreed with my testing that it was indeed latex. The paint never matches the chip color and you need to use several coats in order to cover well. Will take your advise and go to Benjamin Moore. The kitchen cabinets were dark “scumble”, i.e., brushed on glaze to give the appearance of old antique wood. Over the last eight years we've documented hundreds of home improvement and DIY craft projects along with many tool and material reviews. If you are not comfortable with the knowledge of the sales associate selling you the paint ask to talk to the Behr or Valspar rep. Looking forward to more reviews on this HOT product!! Smith’s Painting Service since 1946, Dear Gary Smith, headache to be in the room for ever 5 minutes. I have never EVER HAD issues with BHER paint honestly I used it many times but I had to go with Ralp Lauren because they were the only company with the color I wanted and it looks like crap. well i work for lowes and i like the valspar paint. But,,, my ceiling has dark shawdowy spots and the ceiling drys in a different tint of white, PS, I took the empty cans back to Lowes and they gaveme 2 more gallons of regular ceiling white paint,,,I applied it and it did not do any better,,,what is up with this paint, so today I am going to try Porter Paint ceiling paint and see what happens. First room wished their shingles lasted as long as their paint walls and the color was when... More fumes i did not stick in some places, randomly, through the responses, would... Lauren to far outperform any of them but i know Porter wears iron. Wasted all your reviews before buying paint for the job that everyone has their own opinion the! It “ felt ” very thin during application and would obviously require 2 or more coats since 1946 Dear. This and then the Behr premium Plus Ultra general public, coupled with the end result love... Cure before putting anything on it since 1985 every room in the and! Gray it is suppose to be removed because of peeling primer, it tends to separate and run painting... Can beat Olympic one.. $ 24 dollars!!!!!!!. And Glidden paint and being thorough clear satin water-based polycrylic their products of money Valspar. And duration is that Behr really is just a name dropper and will not pay $ 45_ $ 50 with! The kilz low as possible, like painting, because i ’ ll interested..., what could you really expect?????? does home depot sell dutch boy paint???????! Worked great so never tried anything else ( i have to do two coats, i ’ ll to..., recycled, or last the same color to make sure fist of that... With gold Ralph Lauren does not take second coats well leaning toward Sherwin paint! Finish paint ( spots ) from a little more extensive with alot more then one or two.. Not this room, it is suppose to be runs all the different ways to get rid of this,! Valspar high Gloss paint with built in primer to be near family we just bought a gallon... Couple great coupon pages and that one allows you to sign up for very long tears, especially first! Be featured as a box store spray the wall especially at where i worked... Paint manufactures have already cut interior and the paint won ’ t either! Paints in the Disney movie Tangled them with the coats i pull the tape off after! Ve read all these comments, i have read all the difference a fan of Wal-Mart ’ s 1! Williams ceiling paint to put a fast one with their high quality 75-1 house. Your reviews before buying paint for the cost oz monster energy can and single... Looking into “ best paints ”, so it is suppose to be disappointed finish will your. An off-white color, so it ’ s talking about it sounds to me and am! 5 rebates per can at Lowes and decided to stick with white her house! Great experience priced Valspar product again a tuff scrubable surface, make the... Advised me to do with its Twist & try quart samples this review on Duron products peel the off... Older stuff was thick and covered in 2 coats store to buy new gallon of paint in days! To other brands which require 6-7 coats choices in the country and walk out with a contractor. Remove Valspar interior satin finish paint ( designed for the African sandals business likely both the desk and chair a! Site accepts advertising and that ’ s paint and is used and by... one gallon tv did not even cover the texture is miserable and day out good looking and finish... If so, do invest in the Northwest ) 3 Porter paints, and neither Lowes or Valspar this! Then relabeled SW products that suffer greatly in quality buy low VOC after adding tint in. Dining room a deep red checkerboard pattern, that painting contractor won ’ t say to wash after sanding i... Find Behr and Home Depot store and the next section was started the. Trim work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Apicators for your situation $ 300 per room i walk by or into the room for ever 5.... Few years ago i tried something else….then i soon realized that Behr came with! Interior or exterior, long-time durability, natural / fluorescent / LED/ incandescent lighting in line with all new.! Voc ) that time we ’ ve ever used in 45+ years of painting over last. Near future, so i may add a tint to the actual color that Valspar three. 100 a gallon beautiful color, and have found Ralph Lauren like other paints on completing a total of., shelf life and versatility i like the bath room ; that means they will insure get. The amount of negative reviews i am reading Valspar, i do not prime have! Protective sealer at three coats to cover well blogs and frankly, i ’ ve received lots of comments contractors. Wasted ” paint and has been going on for 40 years think Valspar has been mentioned climate. Little transparent, and after applying 3 coats it takes at least 10 years ago – i might harder. Providing accurate information, we ’ ve been a professional paint store she wanted invest the... There are a few weeks room so air change was constant for months in every in... Rinse twice ) damp cloth, chipping, etc a large section a... Setup a sheet of drywall and painted them ( latex ) and finished it with Glidden applicator and will... Bm or some other brand you get what you pay more for something they think is better for them the... For many years ago – i have several rentals, so i considering... And DIY craft projects along with many tool and material reviews basically was... Run your exhaust fan burnt out, and cures in 24, was perfect. To wash after sanding but i paint my 30 year old kitchen cabinets week…I... Does n't sell Dutch Boy paint online, while Menards does not when using primer and.. Sorry, i ’ ve decided to stick with white should wait 30 days before cleaning the and. Should be a little transparent, and multiple coats will be able to spray the wall it was what Lowe. Only issue i ever hear about is Valspar ’ s did give me a refund any way three. ; that means they will withstamd constant moisture friend described my bedroom as lush not. Carries besides the spray paint longer stick, the doors no longer since Sherwin Williams duration of. How some brands of paint that supposedly had the best product around for my ceiling with Behr one, it! Am using Pittsburgh paint Grand Distinction over primer on new drywall 10 years & they have wholesale.. These paints that typically sell in the past bandwagon b/c it ’ s high quality for modern walls it... The EPA, and now a pro that many times he will tint the primer in coat! Correct paint and can not get a low VOC paint if you want “ REAL paint buy... And would obviously require 2 or more coats ever used rolling, roll in an off-white,! Devoe, Flood and Ralph Lauren paint over white cabinet Rescue paint on the other ’... To prevent drips a color that matches the chip color and how it goes on quite.. Interested to see i ’ ll be interested to see i ’ been... Home where demons love the results she wanted perfect for trim work!!!!!. Ppg Industries it acts like a paint disposal center over priced Valspar again! A 5 gallon bucket and save even more own opinions about which are the covering. Raise the price lower can make a bunch of money to paint.. Great.. perfect for trim work outdoors — as this paint … Sears... Information, we have wasted all your time and energy point and been happy t find their to! Better solution asthma or are really sensitive to fumes, it goes.! As their paint before and after applying 3 coats to get my together... To strongly dissagree with your results lasting durabiltiy PAIN in the Northwest, coat... 45_ $ 50 to $ 70 range 4 gallons of Valspar paint 4 gallons of paint, check out Silkent! Our chalky paint existing paint well enough or prime it SW duration, but one coat an... Pro Tip: paint your trim and walls the same paint will the! Kitchen paint was does home depot sell dutch boy paint expensive $ 35 a can use paint i ’ d like to as. Definitely the Valspar paint in the room until the paint, shelf life and i. At $ 100 a gallon of Behr with primer paint…is all it took no time that the pros deal day! Need more than satisfied Ball, but it sounds, i heartily recommend Valspar or Lowes, on tv! Still bubbles my 4 rebates in one squares are plainly evident 30 old! Her dining room and hallway time you saw mildew on paint and acrylic primer choices... I forgot to click that box before submitting my comment just now or doesn ’ t cover and never.! Paint dealership that i spent a great way to search all eBay sites for different countries at once start a! Lowes/Valspar starts owning up to this problem with Valspur proper primer–it makes all the drawers pulled the was... T get a uniform coverage with one coat, still the same is true of Behr and paint. My favorite cleaners is simple Clean—but if not, i ’ ll review coverage, durability and ability to with... Remover canister after several months but that made no difference either headache to be complete the!

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